Wisconsin Board of Examining Engineers


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ASOPE Region 2
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ASOPE Region 2

Wisconsin Board of Examining Engineers

What is WBOEE?


WBOEE, also known as ASOPE Region 2 in conjunction with ASOPE, Inc., performs the following major functions:

  1. Establishes and maintains uniform qualification standards for the profession of Power Engineers.
  2. Promotes safety in the operation of power generating equipment.
  3. Encourages the enforcement and compliance to all codes, laws, and acts assuring the protection of health, life and property, i.e., the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, Public Law 91-596, and the accepted engineering practice standards of the ICC International Mechanical Code.
  4. Assists licensing agencies to determine the competence of professional Power Engineers through investigations and examinations that test the qualifications of candidates for licenses issued under the rules of ASOPE.
  5. Assists States and Municipalities to establish power engineer licensing agencies and to act as a clearinghouse to facilitate reciprocity between licensing agencies.
  6. Maintains a registry of all authorized ASOPE examination agencies and examiners.
  7. Develops and keeps current uniform terms and definitions, updating terminology and eliminating obsolete terms.
  8. Promotes the education of Power Engineers.
  9. Publishes a standard curriculum for education and guideline for study requirements.
  10. Acts as an advisor to educational entities engaged in teaching power engineering and technology to promote the education of the Power Engineer.



WBOEE was conceived and organized by engineers and professionals who were and are members of other licensing agencies. These persons realize the necessity of maintaining a purely third party agency, that is not affiliated with any labor organization or other organization to avoid a conflict of interest. Therefore WBOEE contracted with ASOPE, Inc. to become ASOPE Region 2.

ASOPE, Inc. recognized the need for improved professional standards and testing methods that help provide competency in the diverse field of Power Engineering and help assist individuals seeking to advance in the profession of Power Engineering.

ASOPE, Inc. also realized that the Power Engineer today is a person who practices the profession of Power Engineering in a more diverse field than the previous traditional boiler or steam engine operator. The Power Engineer Today may be charged with facility or building operation and maintenance including boiler and boiler auxiliary equipment operation and maintenance including HVAC, refrigeration, water, steam, air, and electrical systems and controls.

The Power Engineer may also operate maintain power boilers, turbines and generators that are connected to a grid for electrical power and co-generation of steam and electric.

While the basic principles of power engineering are the same, the magnitude of the application of varies significantly between facility and power plant operation and maintenance


WBOEE Adopts ASOPE Power Engineer License Competency Program


WBOEE adopted the American Society of Power Engineers Competency Program.

The ASOPE competency program is open to anyone in the profession of power engineering. Participation in the competency program is voluntary.

The ASOPE program provides an individual with the means of measures designed to advance in all matters related to the safe, efficient management of energy.

The program objective is to provide the recognition and promotion of high professional standards in the field of Power Engineering demonstrated through competency testing.

Only ASOPE Approved Examination Agencies and approved examiners administer the competency examinations.


Training and Examination


WBOEE is not a training provider. WBOEE will provide standardized curriculum and also act as an advisor to educational entities engaged in teaching power engineering and technology to promote the education of a Power Engineer. WBOEE may contract training with a training entity that agrees to base training on ASOPE approved curriculum.